by Blockshot

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Deadline 02:57
With the light on in the corridor it's much easier to sleep. I forgot yet what I fear for but I know it's still there Shadows in the hall make you feel tall make me feel small Turn it off, you don't turn me on. Please stop following me. Am I paranoid, or hysterical? Am I just as you want me to be?
Empathy most people don't have it, empathy empathy. I thought that I loved you, which you chose to ignore. I thought you hated me, you chose to ignore me. Why can't I decide when and if and how, I get to say what I don't wanna say anyway If silence is golden, why don't I shit money? If silence is golden, why don't you shut the fuck up?
This is too hard, fair enough, who told you this would be easy? No one ever jumped off a clif with a smile, they just made it sound like that afterwards. Better sorry than safe. And I promise you're not gonna die tonight. No risk, no fun. Remember what this feels like I love you but that won't save you any/more than it breaks me Let's play another round of solitaire. I know this doesn't sound like me. But I don't like you very much right now. Your favorite record made me feel like writing my own. And I don't mean that in a good way. I don't have time for this and you're so not ready
If we were more like cats what would we do with seven lives? We would stop while we're ahead. As it is what gives is failure But there's no mechanism except capitalism. Our only value system needs losers as deterrents But I resist this psychic death. What is righteous, what is theft, except money that flows back into a superflous wreck? All people are equal but some are more than others
They said there were turbulences, but they didn't witness the crash. He had a good life. Did you see his wife? Death is not funny but it's good entertainment - A lucrative news item, make sure to capture the moment. It shook me to my core, when they said: Next on is sports, and by the way, did you know my colleague is gay? Shame is not funny, but it's good entertainment. A lucrative news item, make sure to subscribe to Gossip Week. I'm so glad the fire was friendly. I'm dating a mocking burd. Please take my heart and my brain, I don't wanna get hurt.
I tried to flirt with the girl in the fake Gaultier shirt. Although she was drunk out of her skull she hit me hard to make me stop. She's pretty much state of the art. But the art students just won't listen. She needs to leave the schoolground to drop her level of aggression. Sometimes she might ask: Where am I? But she would not ask where to go. Always has some place to be. No time for love no time for me. Quicksand, racing my tumble drier against your dish washer. Quicksand rattling our golden ghost chains. Quicksand racing my toploader against your washing machine.
If we're not doing anything wrong then why are we locking the door? And if we're locking the door anyway we might as well do something wrong. If kissing is not cheating then why are you covering your hickey? And if you're wearing a scarf today that means we've cheated on your boyfriend Boyfriend, boyfriend, boyfriend, boyfriend, boyfriend, boyfriend, why do you exist? Boyfriend, boyfriend, boyfriend, boyfriend, boyfriend, boyfriend, I wanna get with your girlfriend, girlfriend, girlfriend, girlfriend, girlfriend, girlfriend, why do I always draw the shorter end? Girlfriend, girlfriend, girlfriend, girlfriend, girlfriend, I guess that's just not for me. If you're so indecisive, then I guess it's all my fault, and it is all my fault that you're so indecisive. You're still the prettiest girl that these lips have ever kissed and no one can take that away from me, not even your boyfriend.
Soundproof 03:15
There's no photgraphic evidence of our dance, that we ever stood a chance, that there was romance. But I guess its just as well now that it end. Things don't fall on my plate like that, you've got to give me more credit because I don't own the key to this brick cage. I know I can be there too, or close, that's one of the things I'm sure I want
Things have been going through your head - I think they've entered through your ears. How can you trust someone like that, who only wants to share their unhapiness All you ever wanted was someone who loved you unconditionally. Now that she has arrived you kick her while she's already lying on the floor Your mindfuck - I gues you're happy to be sad. Your paranoia - She manipulated your head. Your anger - Stop directing it a t me. Your love - if it's not there anymore, do me a favor and shut the door. All that talk about the future you now say was just a joke - why are they always on me or are you just lying to yourself? I can't deal - Just go to hell!
I, I wanna, I, I wanna be. I wanna be more than a compromise between intensity and security because you're so much harder to get than any of your defeating arguments It's a paradox, your judgemental diplomacy. How I adore your silent outbursts It has nothing to do with gender. It's not even about sex and I don't care how you identify, as long as you still bite If I can't get anywhere near you. If I can't go anywhere near you. I can't get anywhere.


released February 19, 2012


all rights reserved



Blockshot Köln, Germany

Alva_ Guitar & Vocals
Natascha_ Bass
Fatzo_ Keys & Vocals
Stefan_ Drums

In April 2007 we played our debut gig and have since released a 7"/CD-EP entitled Polyglamorous and an album called After the Beep on F-Spin. Influenced by early Riot-Grrrls as Sleater-Kinney and Bikini Kill we try and merge the old school fierce attitude of such bands with the more quirky and innovative pop history ... more

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