Polyglamorous EP

by Blockshot

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released October 6, 2007


all rights reserved



Blockshot Köln, Germany

Alva_ Guitar & Vocals
Natascha_ Bass
Fatzo_ Keys & Vocals
Stefan_ Drums

In April 2007 we played our debut gig and have since released a 7"/CD-EP entitled Polyglamorous and an album called After the Beep on F-Spin. Influenced by early Riot-Grrrls as Sleater-Kinney and Bikini Kill we try and merge the old school fierce attitude of such bands with the more quirky and innovative pop history ... more

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Track Name: Observations of an Alien
Slovakian guy uses a bat to beat up his lover. Spanish girl behind bars cause she's a loner trying to get rid of her madness. UK friend whose belly grew too fast was given glass to go. Said the pain in his stomach might help him keep on the diet

As I understand it, on the planet you call Earth civilization is a swear word, maybe I won't visit after all

In the US they wash their sins in gin tonic and chicks are impressed by cars that go real quickly. Polish cows are on crack cause they saw too many a war, while Russian cows fancy Kate Moss

Frank won't go any further from the German border than w here he dropped a bag that read "Iraq" and contained a bomb in the postbox back in Sweden where a prostitute in stockings was his only home and Allah will be, like: "oops"
Maybe I won't, maybe I shouldn't. Maybe I'd rather, yeah I'll eliminate you all
Track Name: Concordance
You jumped right out of a black and white movie. From way back when they were silent. when i look for you in the dark your lit cigarette betrays you

people used to close their eyes when enjoying themselves. now they are way too shy you're not, you do, I do

Three times in a row is much too little, to expect a reaction. So let's get back on the floor and take some action

you are one of those people so absorbed in life that they don't notice it just passing them by

I just passed you by and by You just passed me by, goodbye
Track Name: Reconciliation Army
When the web of lies you tied around my neck it got too tight and I threatened to suffocate I had to jump off the moving train

All is lost, I asked you at what cost you didn't believe in this world, as a preemptive measure you chose to hurt

Now I'm bruised I'm black and blue but I refuse to believe in fate cause why would they let us crash and burn for nothin?

What's lost can be retraced, pick me up. I hate lying in our way
Track Name: #1 Crush
When I first met you I knew you'd kill me if I'd let you

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