After The Beep

by Blockshot

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GPS 02:20
Inhale, Exhale, by the time, my breath's gone stale, breathe in, breathe out, ask myself: what's this about? I can only brush my teeth so many times a day and if you get any close I swear I'll run away Hey, you look left, look right, see her, run into the night. Say: "Hi", or maybe not? Why is this so goddamn hard? Traffic education has not prepared me for you I need navigation, do you even have a clue?
Self-proclamtion is really a thing of my generation, when there's nothing to reveal there's always a confession at hand Give yourself away, voluntarily, to state control I don't know you, we've never met. I've got your profiled, you call me friend. I know every tiny little thing there is to know about you even though we've nver met I've got you all profiled and you call me your friend Mass-produced identity, bought and sold
You can't buy everything in this word and your money won't get you very far here. where's the microcosm in your macrocosm, where the streets have no names but numbers? Portland, Oregon, I love you. New York, New York. No thank you you don't work with people, they work for you. Destory the planet, solely buy organic. Medicate yourself, you got burnt out. We ride our bikes to town I ride my bike to town, we ride our bikes and we are proud. I rode my bike to town today it felt so much better than you have ever (felt in your entire life)
I've got to pee - I've got two p in my pocket - I've got two p in my pocket, but they won't get me - I've got two p in my pocket but they won't get me to London do you reckon the worse the politics get the better the music gets Exchange chips for French Fries and mobile phones for cells do you know it's not only stupidity it's creativity that sells UK, USA.
Maybe I'm over-reacting, but what does that mean exactly? It's still the reality of what's going on iside of me (can't you see?) And I ask myself is this yearning really an eternal flame? And who's to blame if I never speak to you again? You only fall in love with one type of person, use it against me as a ransom Sexuality is fluid I'm sure you'd agree if this wasn't about you but about me Are words our only actions, then how do you define attraction? If words are our only actions, what's your definition of bisexual? You're a walking cliché but I like you that way. You're a walking cliché, but I love you You are a little field of hope, you are my little field of hope. You are a little field of expertise and you are a little field of your own. So I would like to conduct a little field study to find out if you really are my little field of love
Attention, attention, this city's gonna explode, attention, attention, someone help me. Attention, attention, this town's gonna explode, attention, attention, this city's gonna blow same old faces, same old jokes, we drink, we smoke. Same old lies I hear, tell some myself just to get by Attention, attention, one day I'll blow my cover For an hour I thought I had it all but the girl in my arm had a different plan,took everything back
The Waiter 01:43
Come over here and take a seat, I've got a new recipe for you and me to go down in history. Believe it or not, I'm an expert in catastrophe, I have seen the world slow down we're so sedated that we've become serrated like the knife in the kitchen sink so desperate for cleaning that I used to cut out shock values from the magazines for my brand new recipe Since we found out we're no match for that box that others keep staring at and figured that it sucks we might as well go outside get our skin burnt by that heavy ozone-layered extraterrestrial junk We're so placated that it seeps into our hatred that we project on each other as we poison our horizons when we taste my brand new recipe
All that glitters is not gold and the heart I held is in the hand I hold. Skywriting by chance reads nothing more than "it was an accident" Farewell's neither fair nor well and the story I tell is filled with lies you yell, the back of your head, going, going, gone


released June 20, 2008


all rights reserved



Blockshot Köln, Germany

Alva_ Guitar & Vocals
Natascha_ Bass
Fatzo_ Keys & Vocals
Stefan_ Drums

In April 2007 we played our debut gig and have since released a 7"/CD-EP entitled Polyglamorous and an album called After the Beep on F-Spin. Influenced by early Riot-Grrrls as Sleater-Kinney and Bikini Kill we try and merge the old school fierce attitude of such bands with the more quirky and innovative pop history ... more

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